Madden 16 Player Ratings: Top Best Players Ranked In Game

Madden 16 player ratings are always one of the most talked about things among the players before the NFL season. It’s always great to see how rookies react to their relatively low Overall Ratings, but even more fun to see how frustrated proven veterans become when they see the same thing.
We’ve listed the full rosters in the spreadsheet at the bottom, but we thought you might be interested to learn some of the top players in the game.

JJ Watt – RE (99 OVR)

The Defensive Player of the Year and (almost) MVP of the 2014-2015 Season is an absolute beast in the game. His “Power Move” is the best in the game, and his pursuit is rated at a 98 which is almost unstoppable.

Aaron Rodgers – QB (99 OVR)

Other than a few homers, you will find few people who would argue that Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the game.

Rob Gronkowski – TE (99 OVR)

How can you rate the Gronk any less than a 99 in the game? He has three of the top ratings among tight ends with 94 Spectacular Catch, 98 Catch in Traffic, and 95 Release.

Marshall Yanda – RG (98 OVR)

Marshall Yanda is a horse of an offensive lineman. You will have little problem finding daylight behind his 99 run blocking.

Von Miller – LOLB (97 OVR)

Justin Houston – LOLB (97 OVR)

Darrelle Revis – CB (97 OVR)

Josh Sitton – LG (97 OVR)

Tom Brady – QB (97 OVR)

Richard Sherman – CB (97 OVR)

So those are your top players in Madden. But if you’re more interested to see what the other Madden 16 players are ranked, check out the official EA Sports Spreadsheet below.
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