WATCH: When Eazy-E Went Straight Outta Compton to The White House [VIDEO]

Legendary Pictures/ New Line Cinema
It looks like Straight Outta Compton is going to have another good week at the theaters, and we’ve already complained about how the N.W.A. biopic doesn’t even mention J.J. Fad. That ain’t right. Still, we’re also upset that Eazy-E gets as much short shrift as you’d expect from the N.W.A. member who’s also dead.
To be fair, Eazy-E gets treated better than we expected, considering the bitter break-up and his own attitude towards his old bandmates in the ’80s and ’90s. Still, we wish Straight Outta Compton had included that time when Eazy-E rocked the nation by showing up at the White House for a special Republican Inner Circle party.

Yeah, it was probably a mistake that Eazy-E (under his real name of Eric Wright) ended up on the Inner Circle’s mailing list. He still sent in his $4,000 to gain access to the White House event hosted by President George Bush. That was even more money back in March of 1991. The FBI still had Eazy in their sights as the man behind “F#¢k Tha Police,” so that was kind of cool.
Even better, Eazy didn’t show up as an activist going undercover. He was kind of eager to meet some fellow businessmen and such, and Eazy was quickly accepted into the fold. It was a touching moment in the history of rap, and we’re glad to find some news coverage preserved–even if on a moldy old VHS tape…

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