WATCH: Reporter Makes Kid Cry on The First Day of School

Want to watch a pretty hot reporter make a kind of cute kid cry on his first day of school? Of course you do! Who doesn’t love when kids cry?!
The below video is currently going viral, after a reporter started questioning a young kid about his first day of school. Instead of being stoked, he just started crying about missing his mom.
Don’t worry little bro, we’ve all been there. I still cry every morning before class and I’m a senior in college:
[youtube url=””]
And since this is a meme waiting to happen, here’s my stab at it:
*When you check your bank account balance┬áthinking you’re good, only to find out you’re far from good*
*When you wake up from a blackout thinking you didn’t do anything stupid last night, only to find out you did something incredibly stupid last night*
*When you stub your toe and it doesn’t hurt at first, and then it hurts*
*When you remember you got laid last night, but then remember who it was with*
*When your girl tells you she’s pregnant *
Drop the mic.

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