UCF Police "Whey" Too Quick To Raid Theta Chi Fraternity House

The University of Central Florida raided the Theta Chi fraternity house after a cleaning crew walked through the house and found a cup of suspicious “white powder.” Not a line, not a baggie–a cup of white powder. This UCF official then called the University police and Orange County Fire Rescue to test the substance.
And guess what that white substance was? Protein powder. The OCFR evacuated 35 fraternity brothers from their house and tested the substance twice.
Here’s what the Theta Chi Fraternity had to say about the incident on their Facebook page:

“Earlier this afternoon a UCF representative conducted a walkthrough of the Theta Chi house. She found a cup of BCAA workout protein powder, incorrectly assumed it was an illegal substance and informed the authorities. It has since been deemed a false alarm and the chemical tests have confirmed it. We have and will comply with all UCF and law enforcement officials in this matter. The gentlemen of Theta Chi do not promote the use of any illegal substances and are committed to a zero-tolerance policy on the matter.”

Like, c’mon guys. Regardless of the bullsh*t sensationalist stories you read in the media about fraternity houses serving as the crack spots for college campuses NO ONE IS LEAVING CUPS OF COCAINE OR DRUGS OUT IN THE OPEN.
Hopefully UCF staff will be playing pranks on the persons responsible for calling the cavalry all year long.

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