Instagram Girl of the Week: Illyra Vote, ASU

This week’s Instagram Girl of the Week is a familiar face. Just a few weeks ago, Illyra Vote from Arizona State University was our Miss COED 2016 Contestant Spotlight. So why is it that she’s a repeat feature? Just take one look at her, and you’ll see why. This girl has an enviable body and beautiful smile that will make other women jealous and men swoon. Yet she’s more than just a pretty face. Illyra is pre-med and pre-pharmacy, which means that she hopes to be in medical school by fall 2016.
Get to know a little more about her below:

My major/minor is genetics and developmental cellular biology.
My dream job is a professional singer, but a doctor works too!
Last Friday night, I quit remembering two hours into drinking at the clubs.
My guilty pleasure is I have an obsession with phish food Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.
A guy can get my attention by going to the gym and having nice strong arms I can hang onto.
The best part about my school is my sorority and all the friends it has brought me.
If I could take a trip anywhere in the world, I would go to Europe and backpack around for two months visiting all of the most famous cities and attractions.
Follow Illyra on Instagram and Snapchat– @Illyralynn. Seriously. Why would you not? And if you’re lucky, maybe she will accept your friend request on Facebook
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