'Fantastic 4' Bombs at Box Office – These Guys Still Own the Franchise [VIDEO]

Fantastic 4 has failed, and this weekend’s biggest sport has been enjoying the bad reviews and disastrous box office. This isn’t even one of those times when the critics and public are missing the point of smart movie that will be reconsidered to be a classic. Fantastic 4 is just terrible. It’s a superhero movie that cares more about an empty feel-good message than having any heroics.
The only reason to watch Fantastic 4 now is to sift through the debris of whether director Josh Trank screwed things up, or if he was right to blame the studio in a swiftly-deleted Twitter. We can sure see lots of signs that the Victor Von Doom character was revamped after shooting. Check out how much of his dialogue is delivered offscreen.
That’s all good news for Mission: Impossible–Rogue Nation, which looks set to enjoy a second week on top of the box office.  It’s kind of sad that Fantastic 4 comes in second with an opening that’ll settle in around $27 million. The studio deserved worst, but only needed $4 million more to have one of the worst-reviewed #1 movies of all time.
And let’s not forget how the Fantastic flop gives people another chance to say, “Hey, that Roger Corman cheapie Fantastic Four that he made back in 1994 is still the best FF movie of all time, even if he wasn’t planning to release it and just shot the whole thing to keep the rights!”
Those people would be correct, too–as you can see here, if you have 90 minutes to kill on a Sunday. We promise it’s better than paying big bucks to see Fantastic 4
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbK6CUB4MJs]

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