WATCH: Wilmer Flores Crying On Field After Mets Trade Rumors

Wednesday night is one that Mets infielder Wilmer Flores is going to remember forever and for all the wrong reasons. Rumors began flying during the team’s game that Flores was traded to the Brewers for Carlos Gomez. It was very difficult on Flores to say the least and it led to a very uncomfortable situation with Flores trying to play the field.

The odd thing is that the Mets never took Flores out of the game so he attempted to play shortstop while basically crying throughout the inning. There is a point where the players in the dugout had to know what was going on and said something about getting him out of there for his own sanity and emotional state.

The worst part of the day is that the trade fell through after the game was over. Flores is staying with the Mets after all for the time being. He didn’t need to be out there crying. It just shows that rumors have a huge effect on professional athletes and that words hurt. Flores should get a standing ovation again when he hits the field on Citi Field. He deserves it now.

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