Chris Christie Makes Presidential Canidacy Even Less Likely With Weed Comments

In case there was anyone out there who actually wanted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to win the Republican ticket for the 2016 presidential election, we beg you to reconsider (and maybe read a newspaper).
The hefty governor had a few fiery words to all you pot heads out there – smoke up legally while you can, cause when Christie takes over the oval office (the exact day hell simultaneously freezes over), all that weed will be illegal again.
During a segment on Fox and Friends, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate explained that as soon as he’s sworn into office (pretty cocky, aren’t we Christie?), he’s going to “enforce the laws… And marijuana is against the law in the United States and it should be enforced in all 50 states.”
Sadly, he kept talking: ““And so my view is, people want to change the law, let ‘em try to change it.. But the fact is that’s the law and the Christie administration will enforce it.”
Good to know this guy has his priorities straight. And way to blow your chances with Colorado. 55% of the state voted in favor of marijuana legalization, which speaks for itself. The swing state will definitely not be swinging in this case.
See you later Christie!

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