Murphree Hall Shooting: UF Campus Facts, Details & Photos

University of Florida officials have reported that a gunman is in custody after a shooting at the Murphree Hall dormitory on UF’s campus early Monday morning. According to these officials, a fight broke out between two parties around 3:21, at which point the suspect in custody grabbed a .38 caliber pistol out of his girlfriend’s purse and fired one shot.

Police have name Clay Allen as the suspect in custody.

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The gunman allegedly dropped the weapon and fled the scene, but was caught by police.

No one was hurt.

UF issued a campus-wide alert at 3:21 telling people that shots had been fired. Twenty minutes later they issued another alert informing people the man had been caught.

That suspect now faces charges, along with his girlfriend, Sarah Elizabeth Gooden, who will be charged with carrying a gun on campus. Police say none of the parties involved have any affiliation with the school.

This story is developing.

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