Allagash Brewing Company's Allagash White Is What's On Tap!

I realize many craft beer drinkers are not into over the top IPAs or beers that have some much flavor that limits the amount one can consume. So this weekend I am enjoying a brew whose style is not one of my favorites but I find that the more I drink the more I am coming around to it. This weekend, Allagash Brewing Company’s Allagash White, one of the most decorated American Belgian Style Wheat beers, is What’s on Tap!
Arguably the brewery’s flagship beer, Allagash White is a perfect Belgian style wheat beer, which has a nice yellowish cloudy appearance and provides a great mix citrus (huge orange and lemon notes) and wheat. One the nose there is a nice balance of the citrus, smells like fresh lemon zest, and a somewhat spicy mix; which is the coriander and is very inviting. White’s taste is a very nice mix of the spices and crispness. On first sip the spices and coriander dominate but they are immediately followed by the citrus notes. Like many of wheat beers White does have the fermented wheat and yeast on the back-end; these flavors normally turn me off to Belgian Style beers, but White’s are more subtle and not as strong.
This is a great summertime patio brew, not too high in ABV, not too overpowering, very drinkable, and with just the right amount of flavor. Beers like White can be paired with anything but I am grilling some boneless chicken thighs on the grill that have been marinating all day! So cheers to the weekend and a great brew.
Beer Stats
Style: Belgian Wheat
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.0%
Color: Hazy Pale (Yellowish)
SRM: 14
Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 93 and 100
Rate Beer: 93

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