Ask a Babe: Atalya Slater Answers Your Life Questions

Look – life can be hard, and sometimes we need help. And who knows how to do life better than you? Hot girls.
Luckily model and all-around babe Atalya Slater is here to help. The America’s Next Top Model cycle 10 contestant took time out of her day to contemplate your most pressing life questions in between photo shoots and movie gigs, so be grateful! And be thankful that you’re getting advice from someone this hot!
Here’s what she had to say about spooning, following your girl to college, and the Devil’s Threesome:

How can I get a girl like you to notice me?
Be yourself – genuine – kind, and little chivalry goes a long way.
I’m pretty into fitness and met my girlfriend at the gym. She’s pretty fit too, but she’s eating a lot of junk food and it’s starting to show. Is there anyway to bring this up?
You can suggest you both start a new diet together. Try doing fun outdoor activities together and remind her of how good it felt to go to the gym. Doing it as a couple and how you say it is the key. I’m sure she will understand.
I hate spooning, HATE IT. My girlfriend loves it. How do I get out of it once she falls asleep, so she doesn’t take it personally?
You guys can spoon for a couple minutes and when she falls asleep, just slowly inch away. I’m sure she won’t even notice. Not everyone loves to spoon, especially for a long time – she should consider your feelings as well and not take it personal.
I’m in love with this girl. We met in college but she’s transferring to a school in another state, about 7 hours away. How crazy would it be to transfer with her?
You both are still young and have plenty of time to pick up where you left off, or even try a long-distance relationship. It wouldn’t be a good idea to transfer with her. I know it’s tough, but you both should be focusing on school and if it’s meant to be, it will be.
I’ve been seeing this girl for the last few months and am falling for her. It started out as just having fun, but I want a relationship. She’s not into it. What do I do?
Express how you feel. If you already tried courting her, there’s nothing more you can do. Relationships can’t be forced; move on and maybe she will realize that she wants to be with you after all. If not, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
My girl said she’d give me a threesome for my birthday… with another dude. There’s no way I’m doing that. Why is she into it? And why would she think I would be?!
You should not do anything you are uncomfortable with. As a couple, you should know your sexual boundaries and be on the same page. Be honest and ask her why, and go from there. But definitely don’t do anything you don’t want to do.
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