Rita Mattos: Hottest Photos of the Brazilian Sanitation Worker

Rita Mattos

Rita Mattos is probably a name you haven’t heard before, but you will – she’s literally encountered stardom and fans overnight. Similar to Yanet Garcia and Yuvi Pallares, Mattos made waves on the Internet after being noticed by passerbys, except instead of reporting the weather, Mattos was sweeping the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian sanitation worker was swamped with date offers and needy declarations of love after photos of her working began circulating on WhatsApp. Initially the 23-year-old beauty wasn’t into the attention, slamming newfound admirers for discriminating against her less attractive colleagues. But now she’s hoping to use the attention to get her a better job.

She explains,”At first I thought it was all a joke in bad taste, that people were criticising me. But later I saw that the comments were positive, praising my beauty…So I’m now taking it well, and hoping that all this exposure will bring me a good opportunity to find modeling work.”

Mattos now has an agent and is open to all modeling jobs – even those where she’d have to pose without dress.

Fingers crossed, people. Check out her hottest photos below.

[H/T: The Mirror]

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