'Twinkle Tush' is a Jewel For Your Cat's Butt & People Actually Got Paid For It

If you have a cat, you’re more than likely tired of the furry feline prancing around with its unsightly butt hole in your face. Thanks to Twinkle Tush, the weirdest invention we’ve seen as of late, you’ll never feel violated by the four-legged creature again.
The novelty item is considered to be both stylish and useful (according to its website), but to us, it just looks like a bejeweled butt plug for your cat.
The loose-fitting elastic ring holds the decoration onto the base of the tail, allowing it to open up whenever it wants to take a dump. Classy. According to the site, the jewel is for special occasions, particularly when you throw a “respectable cocktail party at your home, only to have your feline family member come out and proudly display their uncovered rear.”
Granted, they’re right on the money with how f*cking rude your cat can be. Maybe a jewel that’ll cover up their hanging dingleberries will get you the respect you deserve?


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