WATCH: Ty Lawson Was Arrested for Another DUI Last Night

Ty Lawson was arrested for a DUI last night–the NBA point guard’s second time in a year–TMZ reports. Ty was caught speeding down the 101 Freeway by the California Highway Patrol and was administered a field sobriety test.

He failed that test and was arrested around 2:30 AM. At the time this is published, Ty was sitting in jail with a bail set at $5,000.

Coincidentally, TMZ had actually gotten a video interview of the Denver Nuggets point guard an hour or so before the arrest, chilling with his girlfriend Ashley King. You can watch that video here:

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Things have been going downhill for Ty since his first DUI back in January. Once the fan favorite of reddit’s /r/NBA, he lost a good amount of his fans for his bad decision making. It already looked like he was going to be frozen out of the Nuggets organization, so we don’t imagine this DUI is a good thing for him.

He wasn’t even going to attend his own basketball camp and now this. So the question that’s now being asked is: who needs a solid point guard for dirt cheap?

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