Adult Film Star Mia Khalifa Outs Buffalo Bills Player Duke Williams For Thirsty DMs

Adult film star Mia Khalifa is outing Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams over his thirsty DMs, showing that she’s not only a badass, but also pretty ruthless.
The 22-year-old Lebanese actress took to Instagram and Twitter last night to make sure the world knew what a creep Duke Williams is:
Five months without a response? Give it up dude, seriously.
Williams has yet to respond, but the pro football player has already managed to delete his Instagram account. A pretty good idea, considering that half of the Internet wants to troll his ass hard.
Williams also should’ve known better – Khalifa called out Drake for the exact same thing earlier this year. Obviously the last time around wasn’t as bad – it was prompted by the interviewer, and instead of saying his name directly, Khalifa exclaimed, “his name rhymes with ‘rake'” –  but still, she’s clearly not shy about her famous admirers.
Good luck recovering from that, Williams.

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