University of Arizona Fraternities Are Dropping Like Flies

Delta Tau Delta is the most recent victim of the University of Arizona axe, becoming the third fraternity in a year to be kicked off campus and the eighth house since 2012. That’s a whole lotta axin’.
So what exactly did DTD do? Here’s how explained it:

“The [Delta Tau Delta] chapter already was on probation with the UA for hazing, alcohol violations and other infractions when the national suspension came down, university officials said.

Fraternity brothers who belonged to the local chapter were provided with guidance and opportunities to mend their ways but failed to do so, the national organization said…

The UA requires fraternities to be in good standing with their national headquarters in order to be recognized as a UA-affiliated student group, so the national office suspension precipitated the related action by the university on July 2, the UA said in a news release Tuesday.”

Interestingly enough, even though the University of Arizona‘s Dean of Greek Life Johanna Ives was largely responsible for the culling of fraternities at Arizona State University where she used to work, Delta Tau Delta was kicked off campus by their own national HQ.

It’s not a good thing that U of A frats are dropping like flies, but the real tragedy would occur if sororities started suffering the same fate.

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