University of Missouri's Delta Upsilon $5.5 Million Fraternity House Is Unreal

Going back to school is always a great feeling, but we can all agree that moving into a brand-new $5.5 million fraternity house is a much, much better feeling. That’s exactly what the Delta Upsilon brothers at the University of Missouri are going to come August when construction on their new fraternity house is complete.

If you read our piece on Impressive Fraternity Houses in the Midwest, you’ll know that Mizzou already has some serious frat castles to it’s name. DU is just the icing on the cake. Expensive, glorious, fratty cake.

Here’s an older photo taken from a drone of the house:

Here are more recent photos of the fraternity house, taken from TFM.

So what exactly will be included within this fortress of fratitude? According to Pennington & Company, the consultants behind the fundraising, a lot:


Formal foyer featuring a grand staircase

Library with a fireplace and grand piano

Alumni room for sporting event weekends and gatherings at the house

Spacious lounge designed for community gathering, as well as alumni functions

Grand patio located off of the lounge, designed for fraternity use and functions

Quiet study area featuring tables and chairs for comfortable studying

House director’s apartment

Commercial kitchen with separate weekend kitchen for member use

Formal dining room and chapter room

Handicapped-accessible suite

Bedroom quarters that sleep 16


Combination of suite-style bedroom accommodations

25 double rooms

Three quad suites

Sleeping capacity of 62

Bathrooms shared by two double rooms


30 covered parking spaces

21 uncovered parking spaces

Workshop for special event projects

Laundry and vending area

Designated bicycle area

Elevator access to first floor of the house

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