Lakers Used Adam Levine To Recruit LaMarcus Aldridge

In the recruitment of the #1 NBA free agent this season, the Los Angeles Lakers are pulling out all the stops to sign LaMarcus Aldridge. That includes using Adam Levine. Like the guy from Maroon 5.
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A lot of Laker fans are upset at this tactic because now they believe that there’s no way LMA would ever come to the Lakers. Those fans aren’t thinking big picture. Yes, Adam Levine is kind of a tool. Yes, he is in a pop band that churns out really bad billboard toppers. But he’s also notorious for sleeping with serious Victoria’s Secret-level dime pieces. If you don’t think that Adam rolls around with 10’s everywhere he goes, you’re mistaken.

Just look at these two A-listers getting it in at the club with a bunch of bottle chicks who come free with the purchase of magnum bottles of champagne.
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OK OK, maybe they’re just friends.

But on the topic of bottle service chicks, you’d think that 50 would be a little bit more picky with his choice. Is he trying to say that Effen Vodka makes 6’s into 7’s?

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