5 Girlfriends You Will Have This Summer (And End Up Hating)

Summer flings can be great, especially when watching a movie. But in reality, flings aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.
Before hitting on that hot lifeguard you’ve had your eye on for the past few weeks, check out the list below and make sure you’re ready to hate her by August.

The “Let’s Snapchat/Instagram/Tweet/Facebook Our Every Move” Girlfriend

This. Is. The. Worst. Summer time calls for trips to the beach, boat excursions, and killer sunsets, AKA the perfect opportunity to post on social media to make onlookers jealous. Is it annoying? Yes. Will you do it, too? Probably. But we guarantee it won’t be nearly as often as this type of girlfriend, who will become so annoying you’re going to want to scratch your eyes out. And what’s even worse is how much she’s going to stalk you on every social media platform after you break up with her. Good luck.

The “My Family Has a House Here” Girlfriend

You go to the same spot with your family every summer, and so does she. For three straight months, you can spend every day hanging on the beach and hooking up beneath the boardwalk with her, but once things end, you’ll never be able to escape her. Not only is she going to make sure you know that you’re no longer welcome in “your spots,” but awkward encounters will be your new norm. Not to mention, all those hot friends she hangs out with? Off limits – and they hate you without reason, and love to talk. So good luck finding a girl who doesn’t already know what a sh*thead you are.

The “I’m Hot Cause I’m One Of The Guys” Girlfriend

Who doesn’t love a guy’s girl? Most girls, that’s who! But you’re not a girl, so this is going to sound great – at first. Until you find your new summer fling hanging out with every one of your friends just as much as she hangs with you, while acting the exact same way she does when the two of you are alone. Is she cheating? Probably not, but your subconscious jealousy will be the death of you – and your relationship.

The “Let’s Bone Everywhere in Nature” Girlfriend

At first, this sounds awesome. She’s feisty, she looks insanely good in a bikini, and she wants to bone your brains out pretty much anywhere you can think of. But after the 15th time, this becomes serious work. Suddenly you’re no longer enjoying it – it’s a chore – and you’re getting sand stuck in places no one should ever, ever get sand in.

The “We’ve Been Best Friends Since Birth And There’s a Nice Sunset So Maybe We Should Makeout…” Girlfriend

Do not go there. We repeat, DO NOT GO THERE. Best friend territory is hard to backtrack from, so don’t make the mistake to begin with. We get it, it’s easy – she’s cool, you’ve been attracted to her for years, she knows everything about you so the whole awkward first date thing is already out of the way, and she made the first move. But when things go south and the winter tears you two apart, you’re going to be out a girlfriend and a friend, and you’ll resent her for even making the move to begin with. If you don’t believe us, just ask a babe.

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