WATCH: Detroit Tigers Fan Caught Messing With Blue Jays And Mets [GIF]

Fan Catches Ball Jays vs Mets

Our favorite MLB play of the week has to be the Detroit Tigers fan who decided to check out the Toronto Blue Jays playing at home against the New York Mets. It was a bad day for the Mets, but a great day for people who like to see a guy get caught screwing up on television.

We’re not sure why there weren’t any ball players working right field on this play, but this guy in the bleachers saw a chance to make a catch–and he did, because fan interference is awesome! Except that it isn’t, and he seems to have realized that just in time to try to pretend that, hey, he sure isn’t interested in any baseball being in his glove.

We hope this becomes a movie so Artie Lange can star as the Detroit Tigers fan, and Charlie Day can be the Blue Jays fan behind him. It can be called What’ya Doin’!?! Let’s see it in IMAX, too…

Fan Catches Ball Jays vs Mets game

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