Alexandra Daddario: Two Good Reasons She Has Summer's Best Zombie Movie [PICS + GIF]

Alexandra Daddario lingerie Killing The Ex

Alexandra Daddario has already brought in lots of guys looking to see San Andreas in 3D–simply for the opening bikini shot of the beautiful babe as The Rock’s daughter. Yeah, we’d risk bringing Alexandra home past curfew even if she was The Rock’s daughter. We’re adventurous like that. [photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty]
But we’re also excited about Burying the Ex, which has Alexandra really showing off her bod on the red carpet at the assorted premieres. This smaller summer film is really a zombie romcom with two beauties. Alexandra is the good girl above ground, and hot model Ashley Greene plays the evil girlfriend who returns from the dead to bother her old boyfriend about his new relationship.
It’s a fun film, but Alexandra also looks like this in the movie…

Burying the Ex won’t come out until next Friday, though, and then in just a few locations. Too bad. It would’ve been bigger than San Andreas is Alexandra’s turn in lingerie was caught in 3D. The biggest problem with Burying the Ex is when it tries to be a bro comedy with some painfully stale gags–but the director is Joe Dante, whose heyday was in the ’80s with movies like Gremlins. Cut him some slack.
You still might want to travel to find the local multiplex showing this fun zombie epic. We certainly understand why you’ll see past some dated jokes. And until then, here’s more awesome Alexandra pics to tide you over…

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