WATCH: Courtney Barnes Eyewitness To Car Crash, Funny Video

Courtney Barnes–the Philadelphia Eagles Fan who’s appeared on So You Think You Can Dance–made a lot of important decisions on Wednesday. Not only did he decide to put on a green wig, a Philadelphia Eagles hat, some unique makeup, and a unibrow, Courtney also chose to go to Burger King to get a “piece of burger.”
The bad news is that he witnessed an awful car crash. The good news is that he was on hand to give an absolutely fantastic interview.

Update: It seems like Courtney has a warrant out for his arrest for shoplifting and over $1600 in traffic violations. Good thing he wasn’t driving.
There’s a lot to take in with this video, so before we ruin it for you, please just go ahead and watch it here.
Some memorable quotes:

“I was on my way to go buy me a piece of burger from Burger King.”

“Ma’am I just cannot continue to talk because… Well what I seen is that…”

“It was a full twistabout. And the police car just twistabout like a tornado, girl.”

One of the first things I noticed (among many things) was that Courtney’s eyes looked all messed up. Like they were super small and way too far apart. Thankfully Courtney was not born that way, it was the look that he was going for. Here’s a selfie he took the same day.

Incredibly, it took almost no time at all for people to recognize this budding star as Courtney Brown, who’s appeared on So You Think You Can Dance. I guess not everyone rocks a unibrow like Courtney.

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