Hottest WAGs of the UEFA Champions League Finals: Barcelona vs. Juventus

While most United States sports fans will be watching both the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals, the rest of the world will be tuned into the UEFA Champions League Finals between Barcelona FC and Juventus. Those of you interested in watching the game should tune into FOX at 2:45 PM EST.
The UEFA Champions League is the world’s most prestigious tournament for club teams. This year, Barcelona FC are favored to win against the less-complete Juventus, but anything is possible. One thing that’s not possible is for the WAGs of either teams to be hotter. Barcelona players are obviously doing pretty well for themselves, but Italy’s top team is also filled with some A-list talent.
Make sure you check out the highlights of the players’ off-the-field successes in the gallery below.

Juventus WAGs

The truth of the matter is that (like their less-deep-than Barcelona squad) the Juventus players don’t have the sheer number of dime-piece WAGs that Barca boats. But that’s OK by us because there are more than a couple of Juventus WAGs who are All-Soccer First Team Wives and Girlfriends.

Also note that you might want to keep the name Frederica Nargi in your back pocket…


Barcelona WAGs

Barcelona is a name that needs no introduction, much like Shakira, Polly Parsons, and Antonella Roccuzzo–the names of just a few of Barca’s WAGs. Other than Bayern Munich, we can’t think of another club team that boasts as many good looking women in the stands as Barcelona.

Barcelona WAGs of the UEFA Champions League Finals 2015
Barcelona WAGs of the UEFA Champions League Finals 2015
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