WATCH: Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No! First Teaser Trailer

Sharknado 3 is coming. You probably knew this day would arrive, but seeing the teaser trailer for the absurd movie is something still surreal.
First off, big shout out the new names that are being brought in for Sharknado 3. It doesn’t get any bigger than Mark Cuban (who plays the President of the United States of America, Frankie Muniz, Bo Derek, Rick Fox, Kendra Wilkinson, the Hoff… I mean the list goes on and on.
But a very special shout out to Ryan Newman and Cassie Scerbo, both of whom are totes hot. Somehow this made for television movie series is getting better…
Sharknado 3 will debut on Wednesday, July 22nd at 9 PM EST.

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