Hi-Wire Brewing Company's Man Eater Double IPA Is What's On Tap!

In North Carolina, the hot and humid summer is in full swing and nothing is more refreshing than a craft beer! This weekend I am enjoying a brew from a North Carolina brewery that hit the ground running when it first started brewing in 2013. This weekend, Hi-Wire Brewing Company’s Man Eater Double IPA is What’s on Tap!
Operating out of Asheville, NC, Hi-Wire is a relatively new brewery to the North Carolina landscape. Relatively new because the casual craft beer drinkers might not have heard of them but many aficionados have been enjoying their beers since the brewery’s first 2,000+ barrels in 2013. And this weekend I am enjoying a seasonal offering from Hi-Wire that only debuted in 2014, Man Eater.
Upon opening my bomber bottle, I was hit with the sweet IPA aromas of tropical citrus fruit and hops; and as I poured a pint these aromas only intensified. After my first sip I was hooked; a nice sweetness to start followed by the traditional IPA flavors – citrus / fruit, a huge hop presence, and nice earthy notes. What struck me was on the backend of each sip. There was a nice balance of bitterness but also a “chewy” (or as some call it “sticky”) quality that made me want more. Safe to say I have another brew I have to buy more of and one that I hope becomes a mainstay in Hi-Wire’s seasonal lineup!
With Man Eater’s huge flavor profile my suggestion is to pair it with a dish that is equally powerful. This weekend I am grilling whole chickens but they will be resting on half-filled beer cans. Before grilling I am rubbing the chicken with a homemade blackened rub so while the inside will be juicy the skin will have an extra kick! The perfect dish for the summer with an awesome brew!
Beer Stats

Style: Imperial American IPA
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 8.3%
Color: Pure Orange

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: 83
Rate Beer: N/R

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