If You Have $20,000 & Are Creepy, You Can Buy Mozart's Hair

You can do a lot with $20,000. Buy a house, a ridiculously nice car, maybe a yacht to house your several lady friends. But out of everything you can do with that kind of money, why the actual f*ck would anyone spend it on a lock of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s hair? We have no legitimate answer.
According to Vice,

If you love Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and have $20,000 to blow, you can head to Sotheby’s auction house in London this week and bid on a genuine lock of the composer’s hair. The Guardian reports that the ancient gray strands have been passed down through generations of musicians and come inside a gold locket with a note claiming they sprouted from the scalp of one of music’s greatest composers, who died in 1791. If you’re a less-rich-but-equally-insane classical music fan, you can bid on a smaller lock of genuine Beethoven hair that is expected to sell for around $5,000.

Yeah, we’ll take none of it. And not just because we’ve never had a total $5,000 at one time, in our lives.

[H/T: Vice]

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