Replay of the Day: L.A. Angels’ Mike Trout’s Amazing Steal [VIDEO]

Mike Trout Steals Base Video

While we watched the Yankees lose last night, Mike Trout was helping the Los Angeles Angels win over Boston at Fenway Park–thanks to a fifth-inning steal where he managed to get past Boston third baseman Brock Holt.

It sure didn’t look like it, though. The miracle of instant replay was really necessary to help Trout stay in the game–even if his eventual run home was only part of the Angels scoring a 12-5 victory. This would’ve been even one of the most thrilling moments in a close game, though.

Angels manager Mike Sciosci kinds of summed it up best: “I’m happy to have replay, because it was almost like The Matrix the way he got around that tag.” Which is correct, as you should see for yourself… 

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