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Aaron Hernandez Prison Neck Tattoo Is A Bloods Thing [PHOTO]


Aaron Hernandez Lifetime Tattoo

Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots TE who’s already spending life behind bars, was in court today pleading not-guilty to witness intimidation when he showed off a fancy new Bloods neck tattoo that he got in prison.

Only the top section was visible over his shirt collar, but you can clearly see the word “Lifetime” and a section of a five-point star.

Update–12/22/2015: Here is the newest look at Aaron Hernandez’s blood tattoo from his court appearance today.

The best look, though comes from this photo:

Aaron Hernandez Blood

The “lifetime” kind of speaks for itself since it’s unlikely Hernandez will ever be released, but you might be interested to know that five-point star is a sign of the Bloods gang (with whom he’s a member).

From Wikipedia:

“The most commonly used Bloods symbols include the number “5,” the five pointed star, and the five pointed crown. These symbols are meant to show the Bloods’ affiliation with the People Nation, a large coalition of affiliates created to protect alliance members within the federal and state prison systems.”

You can also make out a few other identifying marks on the tattoo. First off, you can see hands on the right side of the star making some sort of gang sign. Normally I wouldn’t call that a gang sign, but since he’s literally a gang member I’m going to go ahead and make that assumption.

Another thing you can see on the tattoo are the last parts of an acronym that read “?-H-T.” I have zero idea what that could mean but I figured you might like to know the facts.

We’re more curious as to what the bottom section of the tattoo reads, if there even is one. For what it’s worth the tattoo looks pretty clean and fresh to be done with a needle and the inside of a Bic pen.

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