Mad Max-Fury Road: Must Read Reviews From Movie Critics

Spotlight on George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road movie is sky high as the movie debuts today, but what are movie critics saying about the film? Incredible, believe it or not. Read below for top reviews of this year’s most explosive car-chase enveloped movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.
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Mad Max: Fury Road Verdict

IGN suggests the movie throws the viewer in a gauntlet of action

“The over-the-top stunts and eccentric characters and designs are all hugely important to Fury Road, as are the troubled figures like Max himself and Furiosa, but it’s the overriding sense of the film’s uniqueness, its striving to be something more than just another action movie, that is most impressive.Mad Max: Fury Road is a one of a kind. Like the world it creates, it is a thing of beautiful brutality.”

Polygon admits it’s a shell-shocking horror action packed film

Fury Road diverges from any film being released this summer that might realistically be considered a peer or a competitor by virtue of its physical presence. There’s little in the way of computer-generated destruction to be found here, outside of one particular sequence. Instead, director George Miller has captured some of the most incredible practical stunt-work I’ve ever seen. Massive, kit-bashed vehicles smash against each other in a film that is essentially one long chase scene. Fury Road offers a stark, limited color palette filtered through endless dunes and sand that puts an emphasis on motion. Despite its consistently high level of carnage, Miller keeps a tight rein on everything, avoiding the confusion and mess that plagues so many summer event movies. The chases and wrecks are artfully choreographed, the constant motion tending toward the balletic.”

Screen Rant praises it’s a beautifully violent composition

“On the action front, Fury Road is a wonderfully refreshing throwback to the days of practical filmmaking and stunt work, which action fans will no doubt appreciate. The vehicles, characters, and sets are mostly tangible and real, and the few CGI-heavy sequences (like the desert storm) are visually stunning and well-executed (especially in immersive 3D). The stunt choreography is truly top-notch, and combined with Miller’s directorial eye – and some gorgeous cinematography from Oscar-winner John Seale (The English Patient) – Fury Road’s non-stop car chase is one of the most thrilling and exciting action movie experiences in years. The soundtrack by Junkie XL sets the rhythm and keeps the pulse of the film racing – as is humorously referenced in the film itself, by the colorful freaks who serve as musicians in Immortan Joe’s war caravan.

The Huffington Post believes it’s a very macho movie

“This Mad Max movie is very, very, very macho. It’s mostly dumb-ass dudes ramming into other dumb-ass dudes, just like pro sports… My takeaway? Incomparably hot action. Nice theme about liberating the oppressed… Following the miserable ’90s and too many joyless, humorless superhero movies, happily Mad Max: Fury Road gets the vocabulary of sensational cinema, and knows how to lay it out and blow it up. There’s a terrific comic-book sensibility to this film, which is high praise for the work of a seventy-year-old man. In contrast to that other George, I feel like this movie — with its blood, sweat and gears (and Tusken Raider Hell’s Angels) — is the proper spiritual sequel to the original Star Wars.”


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Hannah Davis Makes OP Look Good
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