The Dancers Of The NBA Conference Semi-Finals [PHOTOS]

No one understands the importance of the NBA Playoffs more than the NBA dancers themselves. It’s their job to keep the home crowd amped throughout the entire game and during the Conference Semi-Finals, one loss at home could be the difference between making it to the Finals… or staying home.
Sadly, we won’t be able to see all eight dance teams make it to the next round so we thought we’d give you a good look before half of them disappear.

Golden State Warriors Dancers

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The dance squad of the #1 ranked team in the NBA is one of the reasons that the ORACLE Arena also boasts the best home court advantage in the NBA. Tony Allen once tried to walk through their dance routine but was mesmerized on the spot.


Memphis Grizz Girls

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Ain’t nothing “gritty” about the Memphis Grizz Girls, but they can certainly grind and dance with the best of them.

LA Clippers Spirit Dancers

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Now that the LA Lakers are clearly in the rearview mirror of the Clippers franchise, the Spirit Dancers are finally getting the recognition they deserve.


Houston Rockets Power Dancers

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Everyone loves a Texas girl, and the Houston Rockets Power Dancers are no different. When they’re not remaking Beyonce songs on YouTube, they’re killing it on the dance floor.


Washington Wizards Girls

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The Wizards are looking for help in every nook and cranny now that their franchise player John Wall is seriously hampered with numerous fractures in his hand. Luckily for them, they have the Wizards Girls to help them solidify the home court.


Atlanta Hawks Dancers

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Two years ago, the Atlanta Hawks Dancers were responsible for one of the best viral videos of the year. In 2015 they’re still some of our favorite NBA dance squads to watch.

Chicago Luvabulls Dancers

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The Luvabulls offer much more than just the greatest name for any dance team in professional sports. Check out their moves on their social media pages or their photos below.


Cleveland Cavaliers Girls Dancers

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A King is nothing without his court, and the Cavaliers Girls Dancers are the perfect women to get the crowd amped.

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