According to New Study, Constant Boning Will Make You Miserable

According to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University, too much sex will make you a miserable f*ck. Couples who were getting laid 40% more frequently reported a decrease in their overall happiness and mood.

According to Fusion,

“Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University recruited 128 men and women to have sex for three months and report back. The couples, married and aged 35 to 65, were split into two groups: a control group, which was given no instructions about having sex, and a second group, which was told to double their weekly sex… As part of the process, couples filled out daily questionnaires that aimed to measure their frequency of sex, enjoyment of sex, libido, personality, daily mood, depression, and other items. At the end of the study, researchers were shocked when they saw that sex enjoyment was correlated with happiness, but sexual frequency was not.”

Considering the amount of studies that prove the exact opposite, we’re kind of confused. And heartbroken, overwhelmed, and not sure why we should go on living.

But according to researchers, couples in the second group may have reported feeling a bout of negative emotions because they couldn’t live up to the frequency in reality. Bummer. Plus they were being forced to have sex, so desire, spontaneity, and excitement kind of went out the window.

Makes sense, thank God. Bone on, people!

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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