University of Nebraska Student Caught With Knife, Pinned Down By Hero

Finals week: we’ve all been there. It’s arguably the most stressful time of year for students, but apparently for Leo Labogen, the stress was too much for him to handle. The 20-year-old was caught with three knives in his possession and charged with attempted felony assault after making threats in Criss Library to other students.
As a way to distract everyone, Labogen was talking loudly on his cell phone when 30-year-old student Brandon Valle asked him to step outside. That’s when a knife was taken out.
According to WOWT, Valle grabbed Labogen by the wrist and wrestled him to the ground. Two other students rushed in to help Valle. Together, they knocked away his knife and held him down until campus security and Omaha Police arrived on the scene. (Does anyone else find themselves internally cheering as you read this)?
Not surprisingly, Valle is a U.S. Army veteran so taking this a**hole down was second nature. He even laughed at the fact that people are calling him a hero. But the truth is, Valle, you are one. Bravo to you, sir. You saved a lot of students from getting their throats slit. And for that, the country thanks you. Well, minus Labogen.
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