Watch Manny Pacquiao Hit Floyd Mayweather For Hugging So Much [GIF]

Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao last night in a really crappy boxing match that a lot of people spent way too much money to watch. For those who missed it–well, Manny came in to fight, and then Floyd ran around the ring a lot, and came in close for a clinch with Manny whenever he could, and this went on for 12 rounds until Floyd was declared the winner and a lot of people jeered because Floyd put on a really crappy fight.
Also, he was hanging out with Justin Bieber before the match.
Anyway, Floyd “Huggy Bear” Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao last night, but he’s not exactly draped in glory. There’s just not a lot of enthusiasm for the world of boxing right now–which is sad, because this could’ve been a great fight. The only people really happy this morning are the strippers at whatever club Floyd went to afterwards, and anyone who got really good odds with a bookie who was convinced Manny was going to win.
Now here’s a GIF to make everybody feel better…

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