Milwaukee Bucks New Logo: Redesign Photos, Video

The Milwaukee Bucks have a new logo, redesigned as part of their new look and rebranding. They made the announcement last night on Twitter. Check out their redesigned look in the awesome video below.


Sweet right? In addition to upgrading their players and coaching staff, they’ve really given the Eastern Conference a new reason to Fear The Deer. Now let’s take a closer look at their logos.

Milwaukee Bucks Main Logo

Here’s a description of their main logo from Bucks homepage:

“The centerpiece of the new brand is the new Buck emblem. The new Buck is only looking ahead, an imposing figure determined and focused on the path in front of him. Several features chronicle the transformation of the team into an undeniable force:

1. An expanded rack (from 8 to 12 points) showing the maturation of the Buck, and underlining the point that he has become an even greater force.

2. The basketball feature in the negative space between the antlers.

3. The M Shape within the chest chevron as an homage to Milwaukee”

Bucks Secondary Logo

Again from the Bucks homepage:

“Serving as a badge of honor, the secondary mark portrays a strong reminder of the rich heritage of Bucks basketball in Milwaukee:

1. Established in 1968, the Bucks are proud to be one of the five longest tenured NBA franchises remaining in their founding city.

2. The basketball that is alluded to in the primary logo begins to take concrete shape behind the antlers in this logo.

3. A stylized version of the subtle “M” from the New Buck’s chest in the primary logo is now called out. This brings additional focus to our home city within our new identity.”

Bucks Tertiary Logo

From the Bucks page:

“The outline of Wisconsin solidifies the importance of the entire state to the underlying fabric of the new Bucks brand. The basketball/antler element once again appears, representing a geographical anchor over the city of Milwaukee. This is the symbolic expression of the team as a statewide unifying force. This is the only element in which each of the three colors in the new Bucks palette appears together, introducing blue while retaining a strong green identity and use of cream as the foundational color.”

And finally, a description of their colors:

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