Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar Editor Is A Game Changer [VIDEO]

Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar Editor is the newest feature that was announced for the PC version of GTA V, and yet the newest reason for all the PC gamers master race fanatics who were complaining about the delay the game was having.
Now we’re learning that not only will the game look absolutely gorgeous on a bulked up computer, PC users will have the ability to create awesome video clips from single player gameplay, multiplayer gameplay, or custom scenarios specifically for Rockstar Editor.
It’s a complete game changer, allowing gamers to record, edit, and share their favorite Grand Theft Auto V moments. Check out the footage from GTA V: Rockstar Editor below:

How it works:

With the press of a button, you can immediately start recording your gaming session. Alternatively, you can press another key to bring you into “Action Replay,” which will capture the last few moments of game play.
From there, you can use a variety of tools within the Rockstar Editor suite of editing tools that allow you to build whatever kind of video you’d like.
Project Timeline: Allows you to add, arrange, or trim multiple clips.
Add text: Allows you to add text to your masterpiece. Size, position, color, font, opacity, and duration are all adjustable.
Add Sound: Allows you to add either your favorite track from the Radio, or the game’s score. It also allows you to mix the sounds as you see fit.
Camera Types: Preset overhead, preset left, preset right, free camera, and more.
Filter effects: Albuquerque, Touch of Evil, and more

Director Mode:

Arguably the craziest feature of GTA V: Rockstar Editor is “Director Mode” which essentially allows you to create whatever the hell you’d like in the world of GTA V. You can stage your own scenes and create your own moments.
There are over 270 characters you can choose from, 220 animals to choose from, and a whole host of locations. It’s essentially going to be the update to Gary’s Mod that gamer/video producers have been looking for forever.


What fun is spending hours on a scene if you can’t share it with your friends? That’s why Rockstar Editor allows gamers to share their creations with both YouTube and Rockstar Social Club, with options to edit the frame rate and bit rate.

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