Anquan Boldin Tells Colin Kaepernick “Stop Listening”

San Francisco 49ers v St Louis Rams

It was a rough season for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick with a lot of criticism thrown his way. With a completely new system about to be put in down by the bay, Kaepernick’s teammate Anquan Boldin has some advice for him, telling Sirius XM NFL radio “Stop listening to what people have to say about you. Stop listening to what people want to see you do and just be yourself.” [lead image via Getty Sports / Michael Thomas]

During the 2014 season, Kaepernick threw for just 3,369 yards but that was his career high to go with 19 touchdowns and ten interceptions. The system with the 49ers have been all about pounding the football with the run game and not looking for 5,000 yards passing. Kaepernick did add 639 rushing yards last season as well but the critics want him to do more.

For the first time in four years, San Francisco didn’t make the NFC Championship Game last year as the 49ers finished 8-8. The team tried to get Kaepernick to stay in the pocket as well which isn’t his game. Maybe the 2015 season is different and he is able to rush and pass for a combined 4,500 yards. Boldin has made his views very clear on the subject.

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