Jon "Claw Hammer" Hamm Was Once Arrested For The Most Sadistic Hazing Ritual Ever

It’s old hat to talk about the hammer that Jon Hamm carries in his pants, but now there’s a new story alleging that Jon Hamm might have taken a claw hammer to the thing someone carries in their pants.
Does that make sense? No? OK let’s make it more clear for you. New claims from Radar Online have surfaced that allege Jon Hamm hazed one of his University of Texas Sigma Nu pledges by pulling them around by a claw hammer which was attached to their genitals. This same allegation also states that Jon Hamm lit the dude on fire.

“The unidentified junior was then allegedly subjected to two hours of brutal physical attacks as part of his fiery baptism into the fraternity.

The alleged victim told police that Hamm and other members hit him with a paddle 30 times and then lifted the pledge off the floor by his underwear, ‘pulling it back and forth in a sawing motion’, causing ‘great pain’.

The pledged then claimed that Hamm led him to a basement ‘Pit’ where he slammed the junior’s face into the ground while he was doing push-ups and then allegedly stood on his spine with his full weight.

Shockingly, after this, Hamm is then supposed to have set fire to the pledge’s pants and refused to let him pat the flames down, but instead made him blow them out.

At the end of the vicious hazing ritual, the pledge was taken to a part of the frat house called the ‘Party Room’ where Hamm ‘hooked the claw of a hammer underneath his genitals and led him by the hammer around the room’.

Allegedly not content with this, Hamm then went onto to break into another potential pledge’s room that night and subjected him to a similar torturous initiation.”

In case you forgot, this is a claw hammer.

But even if a claw hammer looked like this:

Getting dragged around by your genitals sounds like the worst punishment imaginable.

What makes this even crazier is that Hamm-er Time was once issued an arrest warrant during his time at The University of Texas for assault, making this more believable. Hamm was charged with misdemeanor hazing and assault charges, but they were dismissed in 1995 after he reached a plea deal. That was one year before this video:

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