Eloi Vasquez: Missing UC Berkeley Student Found Dead

After being reported missing yesterday, UC Berkley student Eloi Vasquez was found dead near USC.

The 19-year-old freshman was reported dead Monday afternoon by police after being hit by a car early Saturday morning. Vasquez allegedly ran across lanes of traffic and was hit by a car going about 60mph. The driver stayed at the scene and told authorities there was no way to avoid him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Initially police were unable to identify the body due to lack of ID, a non-working cell phone, and gruesome injuries that made him unrecognizable.
According to friends, Vasquez wanted to walk to leave the party and walk to the beach. They tried to stop him, but were obviously not successful.
About an hour after leaving, the student allegedly called his friend confused and asking for help. He was struck by the car roughly seven minutes later.

UC Berkeley Student Eloi Vasquez Missing After USC Party
UC Berkeley Student Eloi Vasquez Missing After USC Party
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