New Zealand Suffers From Severe Weed Shortage

According to Vice, New Zealand is suffering from the worst weed drought in recent history, and residents are looking for someone to blame.

The current shortage apparently began earlier this year, with parts of the South Island and upper North Island experience the brunt of the trauma. The last time something similar happened was nearly 15 years ago and pothead kiwis were naturally devastated.
Both incidents are unable to be fully explained away, however, many believe that the current crisis say the police are to blame:

Though no one seems to understand why there’s no weed in these parts of New Zealand, but many suspect that police seizures are behind the shortage. However, there have been no publicly reported busts in the last few months, with the exception of a haul worth an estimated NZ $300,000 [US $225,000] that came about just last week and resulted in 15 arrests and over 2,000 plants being uprooted.

Weed may not currently be legal in our great state of New York, but where it is, it seems plentiful and out of the authorities grubby paws (unless they’re smoking it- not seizing it). God bless America.
Head to Vice to read the full story.
[H/T: Vice]

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