Biohackers Successfully Inject Eyeballs With Night Vision

A big step for humans turning into super humans happened in Tehachapi, California recently, when a group of biohackers induced night vision on a fellow researcher.

Using Chlorin e6 (or Ce6), which is found in several deep-sea fish and used as an occasional method to treat night blindness, researchers injected the chemical with what’s basically a ridiculously fine turkey baster, and aimed for the conjunctival sac (the underside of your eye).
Gabriel Licina, who was the guinea pig for the experiment, had his eye balls stretched open A Clockwork Orange style, but he seemed less than phased. According to, Licina explained, “To me, it was a quick, greenish-black blur across my vision, and then it dissolved into my eyes.” To see if it worked, the researchers went into a dark field to find out what he could see.
Their findings were insane:

It started with shapes, hung about 10 meters away. “I’m talking like the size of my hand,” Licina says. Before long, they were able to do longer distances, recognizing symbols and identifying moving subjects against different backgrounds.

“The other test, we had people go stand in the woods,” he says. “At 50 meters, we could figure out where they were, even if they were standing up against a tree.” Each time, Licina had a 100% success rate. The control group, without being dosed with Ce6, only got them right a third of the time.

Uh, can we be next in line?
[H/T: Mic]

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