Canned Air From Yeti’s Cave Will Apparently Help You Bone Better

Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Makuta has started selling canned air gathered from Azasskaya Cave – the location of supposed Yeti sightings – for about $3, claiming buyers will figuratively transform into an animal in bed. Uh… what?

Makuta believes that the canned air contains minerals, vitamins and other remarkable compounds that benefit the immune system and help relax the mind.

Sounds pretty good right? Well, the next part is even better: manufacturers also promise that the substance gives users the physical strength and staying power of the yeti, while simultaneously making them “as big” as the mythical creature.

If this means what we think it means, and all is true (hey, that Animal Planet show gives us hope!), then this thing may give Viagra a run for its money. But the real question is: would you really want to have a dong proportionate to that of a Yeti’s?

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