Which One Of These 40 Adult Film Stars Went To Your College?

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Most colleges and universities love to brag about their famous alumni, so why is it that they never include adult film stars in their lists of graduates? It’s not like Belle Knox (from Duke), Kendra Sunderland (from Oregon State University) and Mia Khalifa (Florida State University) are the only actresses who’ve attended college. You might actually be pleasantly surprised to learn how many professionals spent more than a semester in school.

We did our own extensive research to find out just how many of your favorite adult stars took their education to the next step, and what we found was actually pretty incredible. In addition to a couple of community colleges, we discovered that a good deal of A-list stars attended some pretty famous schools. Some got their start in school (a la Belle Knox) while others went back to the classroom to earn their degree.
So the question we’re asking you is, which one of these adult film stars went to your college?

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