Nastya Shubskaya’s 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

Nastya Shubskaya is a hot Russian model who was recently revealed as Alex Ovechkin’s girlfriend. The Russian Washington Capitals hockey star posted a photo to Instagram with Nastya which reads “My girl, thank you for appearing in my life!!! I cherish you so much❤️.” It’s the second time that Ovi’s posted a photo of the two of them together.

So who is Nastya? According to some Russian sites, Nastya is the daughter of a pretty popular Russian actress Vera Glagoleva ,who’s appeared in 30+ films; and Kirill Shubskiy, a well-known shipbuilding entrepreneur.

Nastya has shot with some pretty famous photographers in her short stint as a model, including Josh Ryan who is well known for shooting most Playboy models. As of yet, Nastya hasn’t shot anything remotely close to a what a Bunny would, but that doesn’t mean her photos are anything to scoff at.

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