LG Is Giving Away Awesome Prizes During College Basketball Tournament

For most of us, the madness of March always winds up the same. You fill out your bracket, struggle to the finish line with one of your picks, but wind up losing to some chick in your group who has no idea how many points a 3 is worth. So let’s break the mold this year and get you finally winning something cool and expensive.

Enter hhgregg‘s “Ultimate Home Court Advantage,” a sweepstakes that can net you some seriously great swag. LG has teamed up with hhgregg and will be giving away 21 daily prizes including flat-screens, 4k TVs and much more during the biggest College Men’s Basketball Tournament.
Win enough cool stuff and you could make Oregon’s new athletic facility look like your freshman dorm room.
So what are these prizes? They’re listed below, along with the days they’ll be drawn.

In addition to the daily giveaways, hhgregg will also be giving away a “Starting Five” prize package that includes the fridge, washer/dryer pair, 4K TV, 60″ LED TV and soundbar.

Enter Sweepstakes on Facebook here

LG and hhgreg will be giving away one these prizes for three weeks, making for a total of 21 daily prizes. To enter, simply click the link above to enter via Facebook. Alternatively, you can head to hhgregg.com to enter on their website.

You can enter on Facebook and hhgregg.com up to four times daily, from 3/16 – 4/6 and automatically qualify for both the daily prize and the grand prize, which is all those daily prizes combined.

In celebration of the “Home Court Advantage” sweepstakes, the Extreme Dunk Team made this video featuring the “longest dunk over appliances” ever.
If you share the video with this link, you’re also entered to win.

But that’s not all.

Oh no.

HHGregg is also inviting people to share their own “home courts” by posting photos of their own homes, kitchens, man caves, etc. to Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #MyHomeCourt. Hhgregg will pick their favorite “home court” and give the winner a $500 hgregg gift card.

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