Steve Kerr Emails Fans After Resting Warriors Starters

It has become a custom for NBA coaches to rest their star players at certain points of the season to get them enough rest for the playoff run. It has angered fans throughout the league and it prompted a family from South Dakota to email Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr after Kerr rested his regular players on Friday during a game in Denver against the Nuggets. The family has driven from South Dakota to Denver for the game wanting to see the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, which they didn’t. [lead image via ESPN]
Kerr took the time out however to go out of his way to email them to explain why he made the moves he did. There was really no reason for Kerr to do that but it is good to see a coach every now and then who cares about the fans enough to tell them what he is thinking. A lot of families only get one chance to see a game in person during the season and for it to be the day the starters are resting is sad.
Hopefully the NBA will make the decision to either shorten the season so the players who are on the court all the time get enough time to rest off the court or start the regular season earlier so there are more off days built into the schedule. The fans deserve to see their favorite players when they make their one appearance each season. Kerr did the right thing by emailing them.

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