Tiffany Trump: Hottest Photos on the Internet

Tiffany Trump is the 22-year-old daughter of Donald Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples. Although her father is now the Republican nominee for the 2016 US Presidential Election, Tiffany has always been in the spotlight. The native New Yorker has been making Instagram that much more attractive with her frequent selfies and bathing suit snaps.
Truthfully she’s not as well-known as her hot older sister Ivanka, but she’s also younger. That can easily change. One thing she does have in common with her sister is that they are both blonde, attractive, and wealthy. She spends her waking hours working towards her goal of becoming a singer, celebrity, and fashion model.
Tiffany will speak on Tuesday at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. After her step-mother’s speech one day earlier, we’re really excited to hear what she has to say. She’ll be in attendance with her boyfriend Ross Mechanic, a registered Democrat *gasp*.

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