WATCH: Dak Prescott and MSU Teammates Get Jumped on Spring Break in PCB

While on Spring Break in Panama City Beach Рthe #1 spot on our Trashiest Spring Break destinations list РDek Prescott, along with several of his Mississippi State teammates, were attacked outside of a concert venue.

The video is brutal, and the after-photos are even worse:


According to The Clarion-Ledger, Prescott is “recovering from lacerations to his face…[but] the injuries the senior sustained are not serious.” Prescott also seems to be in good spirits, despite the tumble. He took to Twitter late last night to thank concerned fans and offer words of reassurance:

Prescott 2

No arrests have been made, and Prescott and his teammates have decided not to press charges.
[H/T: Fansided]

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