Russian Paramedic Fired After Taking Selfies with Dying Patients [Photos]

Tatiana Kulikova, 25, a paramedic in Kirov, Russia has been fired for posting selfies on Instagram with dying patients. She wrote an insensitive caption of an accident victim saying, “another moron” and other captions such as “how I hate my job,” next to the people she was supposed to be helping.
Family members of the patients in the photos are outraged. Local health campaigner Artem Golubev, 40 said, “It is clear that while she was taking these photographs she was not looking after her patients. She shows a callous disregard for the welfare of her patients, some of whom died after those pictures were taken.”
He added, “I would not be surprised if their families sue both her and the emergency services.”
Kulikova has yet to comment on the situation.
[H/T: Metro]

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