WATCH: Germany’s Water-Resistant Walls Shoot Urine Back at Drunk Strangers

Drunken stupors cause overwhelmingly full bladders that always make an appearance on your way home (or on your way to the next bar that seems so close, yet so fu**ing far). In St. Pauli, one of Germany’s top nightlife spots, obliterated party-goers are always whipping it out on the street, and people are tired of it. To solve the problem, a community organization created the wildpinkler (AKA the wind urinator) by coating two buildings with a paint that shoots the pee right back at the person.

The building covered are the two most often spots urinated on by drunken passerbys. The same group also decorated the spot with posters that exclaim, “Do not pee here! We pee back!” Clearly they have forgotten that drunk people can’t read, nor do they care. Regardless, the idea is hilarious, and the video even moreso. Check it out below.


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