Instagram Girl of the Week: Michelle Igloo, NYU

Instagram is good for three things: hilarious memes, drunken photos, and the endless stream of gorgeous women. We like to focus on the latter.

With that being said, meet Michelle Igloo, a junior at NYU and the Instagram Girl of the Week.

My major/minor is pre-med, fashion, and business. (Lol I know, but NYU Gallatin is the school of individualized study, so why not study everything I’m interested in)?

My dream job is to own my own fashion PR firm or fashion brand.

My last Friday night started with dinner, turned into drinks at a hotel (my best friend’s home friend’s birthday), then resulted in club hopping in the meatpacking district, and ended with some great late night pizza.

My guilty pleasure is food.

A guy can get my attention by being funny and confident. I love when anyone approaches me because I can talk to a wall, but I’m never one to approach.

The best part about my school is that it brings so many eclectic people together, and somehow we all mesh. Plus my sorority definitely makes it a lot better.

If I could take a trip anywhere in the world, I would go to Australia! It’s one of the only continents (including Antarctica) that I haven’t been to yet. Beaches, kangaroos, and accents. What more could you want?

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